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Good start in AI

The modern market economy implies the need for continuous improvement, # nbsp; to maintain competitiveness. This is especially critical for most manufacturing companies based on the use of complex technological processes, where profit margins are often relatively low and the market is very saturated with supply. Such companies traditionally use a wide range of tools and methods for continuous self-improvement, and among them are classical methods for improving processes, such as 6 Sigma, Kaizen, ISO-9000, theory of restrictions, etc. # nbsp;

These # nbsp; tools are very popular and bring tangible results. Their weak point is # nbsp; that they have become the de facto standard for business worldwide, # nbsp; therefore, it is impossible to get a serious competitive advantage with their help. A common feature of these techniques is # nbsp; that they are aimed specifically at organizational improvement. Those. with their help, you can most effectively build the components of a production or business process.

The next step in improving the efficiency of processes should be to increase the efficiency of the parts of this process themselves - optimizing the operation of # nbsp; installations.

Recently, artificial intelligence-based solutions have become another way to help companies increase process efficiency, increase profits and minimize waste. MO and AI tools are used relatively recently, but the experience of KogInTek undoubtedly indicates that MO and AI are very effective and, when used correctly, can be extremely useful for optimizing and improving production and business processes. Therefore, increasing the efficiency of any technological or production process due to its optimization using AI tools is a good choice for a pilot project on the implementation of AI in an enterprise using any technological processes.

Such a project will not only be a good example for testing organizational capabilities and readiness to implement AI, but also such a project can be extremely useful in terms of business results i.e. to bring very significant and tangible commercial results in a relatively short period of time - 3-6 months.