Generic process model

A cow as a black box process
Digital twins of industrial processes might differ in the degree of detail. In general, a complex model is a "black box", which includes the main costs (material, energy, financial, etc.), and the output is the target product. At this level it's not important how this process functions internally . It is important that there is a clear relationship between the inputs and outputs of the black box. As an example, let's build a digital twin of a cow. To do this, forget that the cow is a living creature and imagine it as a "black box". At the input of the process there will be hay and water, and at the output the target products are milk and manure. Like that:
Карта потока
Let's now use our tool to create a digital twin of such a process. A video tutorial below shows step by step how to do it.
Our model should give us an idea of the general economics of the process and the influence of the main factors on it. This means that our model should simultaneously contain both production (technological) parameters and economic values. We list them.
Technological parameters:
  1. amount of hay fed
  2. amount of water supplied
  3. the amount of milk received
  4. the amount of manure received
Inside the black box (cow), hay and water are divided into milk and manure in some proportion, this proportion will also be one of the parameters of the model. And add complication: let it be winter and we need to heat the barn. This means that the temperature that needs to be maintained in the room and the power of the energy that is spent on heating will be added to the technological parameters.
The economic parameters (let's take them from the accounting department) in our model will be the purchase prices for hay, water and electricity, as well as the sale prices of milk and manure.
We get the following model:

Карта потока
In this model, the "Accounting" panel is displayed, which shows the current economic efficiency of the "Cow" technological process. In him
collected data on total revenue from the sale of products, production costs and profitability of this process.
Now we have a tool for model experiments such as "what if". For the convenience of the experiment, some parameters are displayed in the form of sliders. Changing any of the parameters, we instantly see how the production and economic indicators of our technological process change.
To see how this model looks inside the constructor, you need:
- download the file from the link below and save on your computer
- create an account in the designer or enter it
- create a new empty project
- upload file to your project

Now you can change the model as you wish
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