Value Stream Map

Value Stream Maps are simple but very useful tools to visualise the main components of your business process. Using our DTB tool you can quickly create such maps
Value Stream Maps are used to visualise of how materials and information move within your organisation. A value stream map is a visual tool that displays all critical steps in a specific process and quantifies easily the time and volume taken at each stage. Value stream maps show the flow of both materials and information as they progress through the process. It also allows to identify some redundant steps and bottlenecks.

Please watch a video tutorial for creating simple VSM in our tool:
A simple VSM created in our tool looks like the one below. In this VSM we sum up the time required to perform five operations and the waiting time (the bottom objects). The result is then displayed on the board on top of the map. If you would like to try this map (or create your own) you need:
- Download the file from the link
- Create/login into your account
- Create a new empty model
- Import the downloaded file into your model
You will then be able to change as you would like
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